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Just share a website URL and receive a privacy compliance audit report. This report will delve into the website‘s privacy practices, how it collects data, and its sharing behavior 👀

Privacy Due - Diligence Report Includes:
Built for privacy lawyers, by privacy lawyers
Verilogy helps privacy lawyers to effortlessly uncover and gather evidence for compliance regarding data collection, data transfers, APIs, tracking scripts, and cookies on websites. Our platform is here to provide answers to your questions, from ensuring the proper functioning of Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) to verifying if email servers reside outside the EU. We also help you discern the various types of tracking technologies employed on websites, like whether Google Analytics solely processes anonymized IP addresses and which third parties interact with the website. In essence, we equip you with all the vital information required to offer a comprehensive website compliance service to your valued customers, or to grasp a website‘s privacy practices more comprehensively.