Breaking Down the Technical Barriers for Privacy Lawyers

In a digital landscape where privacy is paramount, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with privacy lawyers,

arming them with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the complexities of privacy compliance.

Bridging Privacy Law and Technical Reality

At Verilogy, we're on a mission: to empower privacy lawyers and bridge the gap between privacy law and technical reality. Verilogy equips you with the tools and knowledge to become an effective privacy lawyer.

Detect Hidden Privacy Risks & Collect Compliance Evidence

While privacy policies and consent banners cover visible aspects, many websites engage in hidden data processing activities.

Verilogy uncovers these concealed practices, offering you a complete picture of your client's compliance status.



"Verilogy's platform is a game-changer for privacy lawyers, simplifying complex technical audits and enhancing our ability to protect our clients. It's become an indispensable tool in our daily practice."

Can Erturkan

Data Protection Officer

"As a privacy professional, Verilogy is my trusted companion for comprehensive website inspections and audits. It simplifies the complexities of data handling and enables us to ensure compliance while safeguarding user privacy."

Elif Kaya

Privacy Officer

"As a privacy professional, I rely on Verilogy to gain comprehensive insights into website data practices. It's an invaluable tool for crafting policies, conducting audits, and ensuring scalable compliance programs.

Yagız Soymen

Privacy Lawyer / ISO Lead Auditor

Quick Demo

Just share a website URL and receive a privacy compliance audit report. This report will delve into the website‘s privacy practices, how it collects data, and its sharing behavior 👀

Why choose Verilogy?

We make it easy to see how your client's website collects and shares data, flagging potential compliance concerns under GDPR, KVKK, and CCPA rules.


Gain a deep understanding of how data is handled directly from code analysis, ensuring robust data protection for your clients.


Access real-time updates on privacy practices and promptly address potential breaches, keeping your clients compliant with evolving regulations.


Stay proactive with real-time updates. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly scans to get alerted when there is a change on the website


Pinpointing potential compliance concerns under GDPR, KVKK, and CCPA, all with Verilogy.


Find out what lurks behind the network traffic and code that puts you in compliance risk


Save screenshots of the website such as cookie banners to detect manipulative designs

Uncover privacy issues of a website in minutes

Verilogy privacy due-diligence tool helps you audit any website for privacy compliance risks.


We hand-crafted our scanner to fulfill the needs of a privacy lawyer more than any privacy bot and scanner on the market.

For Privacy Lawyers, by Privacy Lawyers

Modern websites are complex beasts. With Verilogy you can enjoy uncovering the hidden world of data sharing and third party transfers!

Jobs Done Fast

Enable modern privacy teams to increase the overall speed and quality of compliance efforts.

Compliance Evidence

Leverage a single source of truth approach to address data collection and sharing behaviors of products.

Real Time Alerting

Verilogy alerts you when something has changed in the code, by quickly identifying patterns of change that occur in code since the last scan.

Key Features

01. Data Residency

Get an overview of server locations, international data transfers, IP addresses and WHOIS records

06. Security

Understand whether the website has certain security policies and configurations to protect personal data collected from users

05. Data Sharing

Get a list of every third party network request made to uncover third parties that might process PII

02. Third Party Libraries

Detect third party scripts and technologies found on the website that might process personal information

03. Cookies and Trackers

Get a 360 degree overview of the third party cookies and trackers found on the website

04. Legal Evidence

Automatically check whether the website has a privacy notice, cookie banner or deceptive design practices

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Understand any website's data collection and sharing behavior

Verilogy alerts you when something has changed, possibly requiring you to make an update to what you’ve already declared in your privacy policy and cookie policy.