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Take your work to the next level

Plan your compliance project, track what’s important to your privacy team and get everyone on the same page - your lawyers, security professionals and employees.


Data Mapping

Produce detailed data maps and flows of personal data through its data lifecycle.

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Train your employees regarding cyber security and data protection.

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Risk Assessment

Assess the risk of your daily operations and third parties that you share personal data.

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Increase your team's efficiency by 45%

Privacy team's report they get more done with less time and resources when using Verilogy because its features help them execute work more efficiently.

  • Compliance Project Management
  • Intelligent Data Mapping
  • Privacy Awareness Training Toolkit
  • Risk assessment automation

Frequently Asked Questions

As a company how can I use Verilogy to comply with privacy laws?

Verilogy guides you step by step on the path you need to take towards GDPR compliance. Verilogy offers privacy frameworks and intelligent prediction algorithms to map your organizational data flows and allows you to respond to authorities and audits with auto-generated GDPR documentation.

As a legal advisor how can I use Verilogy to manage my client’s compliance projects?

Verilogy Enterprise comes with a project management tool that provides collaboration between your privacy team, technical team and compliance team. Manage your projects from start to finish with built in tools that optimize your services.

What is the pricing model?

Legal advisors and law firms pay a licence fee for each project they have created. Companies pay a fixed fee on a monthly basis.

Where does Verilogy store my data?

We use edge servers which are located in Turkey and Germany.