Uncover privacy issues of a website in seconds

Verilogy helps privacy lawyers audit any website for privacy compliance risks.

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The automated analysis provides very much needed technical information to uncover complex data processing operations on websites.

Elif Kaya

Legal Counsel & Privacy Officer

Verilogy proactively provides technical compliance information that I need to audit a website for privacy compliance risks.

Can Erturkan

Data Privacy Officer

Verilogy helps us understand the international data transfers, classification of cookies and third party technologies used on websites.

Yagız Soymen

Privacy Lawyer

Why choose Verilogy?

Provides visibility into your client's website data collection and sharing behaviors, and highlights where there may be potential compliance issues under regulations like GDPR, KVKK and CCPA.


Verilogy helps you identify the major privacy issues on a website


Easily start scanning websites and receive your website report in seconds


Schedule daily, weekly or monthly scans and get notified when something has changed


Inspect issues by type and pull printable reports


Find out what lurks behind the tech stack of websites that puts you in compliance risk


Save screenshots of the website such as cookie banners to detect manipulative designs

Why did we build an Open-Source Database?

Verilogy is now hosting an open-source database for all cookies and tracking technologies.

Through the power of community and crowdsourcing we aim to create the largest and most comprehensive open-source website tracking and profiling database to help privacy lawyers discover hidden tracking and data sharing practices of websites.

But we cannot do this alone. Tracking technologies evolve and get more complex every day and only with collective effort we can build the safe and transparent web we aspire.. 

How do we do it?

Our method for building the database is based on crowdsourced contributions validated by our team and current database of scans done in Verilogy Privacy Scanner.

Automated Privacy Due Diligence

Potential issues are flagged and recommended steps to achieve compliance are provided. 

Simplify Technical Issues

Helps privacy lawyers understand technical compliance issues on websites

Understand any website's data collection and sharing behavior

Verilogy alerts you when something has changed, possibly requiring you to make an update to what you’ve already declared in your privacy policy and cookie policy.

Key Features

01. Domain Information

Get an overview sub-pages, server location/IP number, and WHOIS records

06. Security

Understand whether the website has certain security measures to protect personal data collected from users

05. Network Monitoring

Get a list of every third party network request made to uncover third parties that might process PII

02. Tech Stack

Detect third party scripts and technologies found on the website that might process personal information

03. Cookies and Trackers

Get a 360 degree overview of the third party cookies and trackers found on the website

04. Legal Compliance

Automatically check whether the website has a privacy notice, cookie banner or deceptive design practices


We hand-crafted our scanner to fulfill the needs of a privacy lawyer more than any privacy bot and scanner on the market



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Best for boutique law firms and solo practitioners

Privacy lawyers are in uncharted territory, and tools today can't and won't keep up. Privacy scanners on the market are focused on third- party cookies/trackers and don’t give you enough data for a reliable privacy compliance diagnosis.

What you will get?

Verilogy is an intelligent workflow automation system that continuously scans websites to help privacy lawyers audit a website for privacy compliance risks.

Privacy Tech as a Service

Verilogy is built to fulfill the needs of a privacy lawyer more than any privacy bot and scanner on the market.

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About Us

Our WHY is our purpose, cause or belief—the driving force behind everything we do.

Creating trust between digital services and people who use them, where the privacy rights of individuals are protected and respected by organizations.

Our HOWs are the actions we take when we are at our natural best to bring our WHY to life.

Privacy lawyers are in uncharted territory, and tools today can’t and won’t keep up with ensuring that the data collection and usage practices of websites are transparent and protect user privacy.

Our WHATs are the tangible manifestation of our WHY, the actual work we do every day.”

Verilogy is an Intelligent workflow automation system that continuously scans websites to help legal teams understand a website's privacy compliance risks.


Verilogy @ TechCrunch Disrupt

"We are changing the technical compliance issues on websites from something scary and something to avoid, to an accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly experience for privacy lawyers."

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