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Automated data mapping, policy automation and consent management for privacy lawyers, by privacy lawyers

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Completely rethink the approach to how you provide privacy compliance services

We're keeping an eye on things 24/7, so you don't have to!


Fastest privacy risk scanner API out there to  identify the major privacy issues on a website


Automated GDPR 30 records of processing activities management with prebuilt templates


Draft cookie policies and start collecting cookie consent without annoying banners


Automate manual drafting and easily generate and monitor privacy policies that use legal design techniques


Monitor and audit all cloud vendors and third party data suppliers that have access to personal data


Compliance checklist and accountability tracker for GDPR, CCPA, KVKK, ISO, NIST and many more

Privacy Due Diligence

An easy way to get an audit to identify major privacy issues on your client's websites

Privacy UX

Generate and automatically update privacy policies and use legal design to offer the best privacy user experience in town

Best for boutique Law Firms offering privacy consultancy

Offer your clients the legal services of the 21st century, automate website monitoring and use the data mapping module to track your client's compliance documentation

Privacy Automation

Intelligent workflow automation system that continuously scans websites for trackers and third-party tools to update your legal text accordingly

Privacy UX

Reinventing privacy policies with legal design. Creating policies that are MEANT to be read and understood by humans

Privacy UX & Legal-Tech

Automated data mapping, policy automation and consent management for privacy lawyers.

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Website Monitoring


Scanner API up to 5 websites
Email Notifications
Email Support

Website Compliance Bundle


Scanner API up to 10 websites
Privacy Policy Management up to 10 websites
Data Mapping and Compliance Management
Privacy Ops Bundle

Custom Pricing

Unlimited Scanner API
Privacy Policy Management
Consent Management
Data Mapping and Compliance Management

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Privacy UX meets Legaltech

We are focused on the intersection of legal automation and human-centered design in privacy. We provide legal design automation to design better privacy user experiences.